I am a creative and hardworking graduate graphic designer who can work to tight deadlines – and use my intelligence and skills learned at university to solve problems and come up with innovative ideas and solutions to design briefs.

Having spent the last two semesters on typographic projects, I have learnt a valuable skill in being able to create my own typefaces. I have a very good handle of page layouts and DTP – as well as a keen eye for detail; intricately designing fonts from paper, to adobe illustrator and then to font creation programs.

As well as typography I also enjoy illustration and photography work. The wide variety of different creative opportunities and challenges thrown up from design briefs, and the varying possibilities the design solutions could have is what really appeals to me as it allows you to experience many types of design style: from web design, to illustration to video or app creation. A challenge that I am happy to undertake, working as part of a creative team or as independent work.